Thursday, September 2, 2010

Something or Other... yeah one of those two.

Play I started writing for my creative writing class. Pretty rough right now, and needs some work. 
I had to include everything I did in the morning and i thad to include the plot-twist of a man finding out his girlfriend was cheating on him. Needless to say I branched out too far. 

Also the game I mentioned is a bundle of pure joy and amazing called Wolf Quest. You play as a wolf (which you customize) and go around and hunt for small animals and try to find a mate to FUUUCK.
Needless to say, it's amazing

*two guys walking down school hall*
Character 1: Dude, have you played Wolf-Quest?
Character 2: What is it?
Character 1: Only the most hardcore game ever, and the best part is it came bundled with the school laptop!
Character 2: Really? Huh... What exactly do you do?
Character 1: Well Basically, you customize a wolf and the roam around yellowstone park hunting bears, elks, and other various wildlife critters; and then to beat the level you have to find a female wolf and mate with her.
Character 2: What... are you serious?
Character 1: Yeah.
Character 2: Cool... So, did the laptops come bundled with any other games?
Character 1: Yeah, but they all seem actually educational. They’re about industrialism and the government in China and crap like that. So you know: Lame. 
Character 2: Yeah dude.
Character 1: So anyways, this morning I ate some yogurt, but I totally dropped the spoon. So like, you won’t believe this, I picked up the spoon... and cleaned it.
Character 2: Wow.
Character 1: Yeah man I know. What’d you do?
Character 2: I... uh... slept with your girlfriend....
Character 1: What!?
Character 2: Oh come on, man. Don’t be mad!
Character 1: Don’t be mad? Why wouldn’t I be mad?You slept with my girlfriend!
Character 2: Come on, dude. I was drunk.
Character 1: Drunk? It’s nine o’clock A.M. You’re telling me you were drunk at some point before that. Who do you think you are? My grandma? Plus you’re like four years younger than me! What kind of thirteen has an alcohol problem? And also, what were you doing with my girlfriend in the first place?
Character 2: I don’t know dude. I was hungry so I went to her house, cause you know, she’s my neighbor... and well, one coke line lead to another, and next thing I knew I woke up next to her in your bed.
Character 1: You slept with her IN MY BED?
Character 2: What is wrong with you!? Chill out!
Character 2: Dude... there’s nothing wrong with a little cocaine now and then!
Character 1: Nothing wro-COCAINE? What are you talking about? It’s a highly dangerous drug.
Character 2: Nah dude, you’re like thinking of cigarettes.
Character 1: Cigarettes? What, no! I mean, they’re bad for you... but like no where near how bad Cocaine is for you! And how long has my girlfriend been doing coke?
Character 2: I dunno, how long have I know her?
Character 1: Well I introduced her to you about six months ago...
Character 2: Okay so then like six months.
Character 1: I don’t even believe you right now. Is there anything else you need to tell me? Did you kill my mom and dad or something?
Character 2: I don’t know. I mean, I don’t even know what like gets you mad anymore. I mean its not like it’s the first time i’ve slept with your girlfriend.
Character 1: *sigh* I. hate. you.
Character 2:  Don’t be mad, man. I mean it was a pretty normal morning. I don’t see what the problem is. It’s the same thing I do every morning.

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    I just jizzed. Wolfquest is the most epic game ever.

  2. checkin the game out :D

  3. Ill check it out too.

  4. guess its worht a try

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